The human resources industry plays an important part in shifting industries to be more digital. With remote work becoming the norm, the demand for digital programs is higher. HR departments need to create strategies to manage employees working from home and dealing with the difficulties COVID-19 introduced. Digital transformation has become a key player in crafting new strategies that cater to employee needs and core business objectives.

HR teams need to be more responsive than ever before and have instant access to all employee data, not to mention the ability to run reports and make decisions at a moment's notice. The days of relying exclusively on paper documents for employee files, talent assessments, and performance evaluations are over.


What is Human Resource Automation? 

HR Automation is automating cumbersome and repetitive HR tasks giving HR teams more time to focus on strategic decisions instead of administrative work. Implementing HR automation can relieve the burden of HR staff, helping ensure compliance and improve efficiency within your organization.

HR automation software helps tackle the skills gap by empowering your HR team to focus on in-person tasks such as hiring, training, mentoring, and development. An automation system can help manage these repetitive tasks and do more strategic work.


HR Processes for Automation 

It's no secret that businesses have changed a lot during the pandemic. Companies have found themselves working remotely, and to ensure business stability, HR departments need to streamline their workflows. This is where HR automation comes in. Keeping employees happy and engaged is one of the most crucial responsibilities of any HR department. By automating tasks such as onboarding, HR can ensure that new starters get what they need quickly and easily.

On the other hand, what do employees expect from HR automation, and what opportunities can arise?


Onboarding process 

Onboarding is a time-consuming and broken process for both new hires, who are unsure of what to do, and HR or hiring managers who have to repeat the same information over and over again. 

The onboarding HR process can help increase onboarding efficiency and make it easier by streamlining most of the activities involved. Today, employees expect a smoother onboarding experience. This HR automation software help you automate many activities like verification of documents, providing tool access to new hires, raising device requests, and more. Once this is done, you get to make a good first impression on your new employee and help them get started quickly. 


Performance management 

The performance management process is the cornerstone to creating a sustained high-performance culture, and automation is the way to gain more value from this important process. 

Automating performance management can improve employee engagement and retention, drive continuous improvement, and help individuals stay focused on what matters with real-time feedback and coaching. With the automated process, you can also get rid of any subjectivity.


Leave management process 

Leave management is one of the most time-consuming tasks for HR staff. With leaves getting stuck in a manager's inbox or lost in a sea of emails, the process becomes inefficient and confusing for employees. 

HRM automation software simplifies the leave management process by automating all employee leave requests. It automatically calculates an employee's remaining leave, submits the request to their manager, and updates personnel files once approved. This keeps your HR department from having to wade through mounds of paperwork each day and ensures that employees are never paid for a day they did not work.

Payrolls and time management

An HRM system helps you manage payroll, benefits, payments, and all other employee information in one place for easy access. One of the most used modules within this system would be the time and attendance tracking module. This will help employees to keep track of their working hours.

From employee attendance, invoicing, and performance reviews, HRM software optimizes the time and reduces the workload for your HR team.